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Balboa Water Group - HydroAir
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Balboa HydroAir Ozone Jet Assembly (7/8" Hole Size)
Product Code: 54-470-W010  
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Duo Jet Series for Spas
Product Code: 54-470-W013  
Duo Jet Series for SpasChoice of rotating or eyeball nozzles with selection of faceplate grills. Hole size required is 15/16"
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Ozone II Jet Assy
Product Code: 54-470-W011  
Ozone II Jet AssemblyStandard white, rated at 3-4gpm, requires a 7/8" hole
Price: Based on Selection
Ozone Jet 7/8 in.
Ozone II Jet 7/8 in.
Duo Jet 15/16 in.