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Seven Seas 11 1/2 in.
Categories | Heater Assemblies, Flow Thru | Various Length Stainless Steel Flow Thru | Seven Seas 11 1/2 in.  
(6101)1-1/2" Valve, SxS, PVC-White W/Keeper
Product Code: 26-400-1000  
MFG: Valterra Products
MFG #: 6101X
3-Piece Gate Valve AssemblyWith plastic paddle. Reliable 3-piece body design allows unrestricted water flow and is easily disassembled for in-line servicing. Internal seals and paddles conform with ozone specs and the shaft is protected with a triple

Flo-Thru 2.25" x 11.5"(26-400-1000,47-270-1000)Seven Seas
Product Code: 46-371-1250  
MFG: Therm Products
MFG #: 20-08510
Seven Seas SpasStainless steel replacement heater assembly 2.23" x 11-1/2" 5.5kW/240v shipped with 1-1/2" union tailpieces. Heater assembly includes an indicator lite and hi limit. To facilitate retro fit, we strongly urge the purchase of a 1-1/2"s x