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Balboa Water Group - HydroAir
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HydroAir AF Mark II Jet
Product Code: 54-470-W027  
AF Mark IIAF Mark II Jets can adjust flow from 0 to 13 gpm at 14psi. A 2-5/8" mounting hole is required. Standard colors are white and bone. Other colors are available- please specify when ordering. Extended wall fitting also available
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Caged Freedom Series Jets
Product Code: 54-470-W029  
Caged Freedom Series JetsStandard color is white and gray- other colors available by special request. A 2-5/8" hole is required for mounting. These caged eyeballs will fit the AF Mark II jet bodies with a wall fitting change (55-470-1031)
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Converta ssage
Product Code: 54-470-W031  
Convertassage™Convertassage Jets are true to their name. They can be easily converted from a directionally adjustable jet to a rotating jet. Stainless steel escutcheons available for both types. A 2-1/2" hole is required for mounting. Standard c
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Hydro Jet
Product Code: 54-470-W025  
Hydro JetThe original jet with 1-1/2" air&water slip fittings. Air can also be individually vented by a 1/2" port at the top of each jet body. A 2-1/2" mounting hole is required. Hydro Jets are designed to handle 13gpm at 14 psi. Available in whit
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Magna Series Jets
Product Code: 54-470-W033  
Magna Series™ JetsSimply combine the jet assembly less trim with one of the therapy options below or with the Magna nozzle assembly here. Required hole size 2-5/8"
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Micro Adjustable VSR Series Jets
Product Code: 54-470-W035  
Micro Adjustable VSR Series JetsDirectional&rotating jet assemblies, 7 gpm @ 13 psi, 3-1/2" clearance behind tub wall, with a 5/16 nozzle, 2-1/4" hole size
Price: Based on Selection
Caged Freedom Series 2 5/8 in.
Converta'ssage 2 1/2 in.
Hydro Jet 2 1/2 in.
Magna Series 2 5/8 in.
AF Mark II 2 5/8 in.
Micro Adjustable VSR 2 1/4 in.